Wednesday, 25 April 2012

     Well here I am. My premiere blog post. First off,  Thank You to whomever is reading this. I have been wanting to start writing for quite some time, but didn't get the gumption until now.Especially, when I find my life is moving in so many directions that I thought maybe to clear my head I should jot it all down, albeit digitally, so that maybe I can make sense of it all. I realize that was probably completely a run-on sentence and my former English teachers would be tapping their feet and "tsk-ing" me, but I have never professed to being a literary genius so you'll have to excuse my grammar, run-on sentences (like this one again) and punctuation! 

     So onto the body of this post. I guess I'll introduce myself a little. I'm a 36 year old mother of 3 extremely unique, beautiful, yes dramatic, and spirited girls. Hayley who is almost 14, is one of thee strongest people I know. She is resilient, patient, absolutely stunning and most compassionate and I know I lean on her far too much sometimes. Laryssa, 9, is thought provoking, an old soul, reserved at times and will most likely make the best lawyer ever! Autumn, 6, is whimsical, the most dramatic of my drama queens, sings like a lark and will one day win a Best Actress Oscar!

     I grew up in a small town (I know totally cliche, however very true) of Gananoque, population 5,000. Like my youngest daughter most of my youth was spent on a stage, singing in plays at school,church choirs, community theatre and at one time The Grand Theatre. Since before I can remember all I wanted to do was sing/act when "I grew up". Instead, I became a hairdresser by trade. I married in 2004 to Wayne, who is everything I want in a man, a strong soul, good provider, friend, makes me laugh and a good Dad. We moved here to Belleville just under two years ago for a job and haven't looked back since! This is an incredible city, with so much to do for children and it's very easy to meet new people.

     Ok well I hate really talking chronologically about myself so that's the short and sweet of it. The real purpose to this blog is to make sense of the swirls around my head that are constant! Like, how do I deal with the girls problems at school, help with homework, create nutritious meals so they grow up properly,teach them to be strong and independent women who will fight for what they want in life, be a good wife, finally make time for myself and quite frankly sometimes just to vent! You know the daily struggles of any woman in their 30's with children, husband, work and home life! I'm also still trying to figure out what I wanna be when "I Grow Up".....

     In closing to my premiere post, I guess I just need a place where I can figure it all out and maybe, just maybe get a little perspective on my life choices, voices in my head and the "swirls"...

Again, thanks for whoever is brave enough to read my trivial words....Until next time :)

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  1. Yay for you, starting a blog! Keep writing!